Linda Mortensen
FieldShake Design Co.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

About Me

My first creative statement, and business, was filling glass pop bottle with gravel and water and selling them to neighbors for a dime. It was 1970, I was six, and my family lived in a back alley in Reno Nevada....
You amazing people that gave a scant damsel $.10 to buy your rubbish back...thank you!

Recently a friend titled me an "Experimental Industrial Designer", how fancy is that? I would like to add "With Wings"

More story and thoughts under construction, BRB


I'm particular about space, large doesn't equal good, comfort equals good, but comfort is quite subjective. Transition points are key to comfort without realizing it. Rooms have purpose, being guided by flow enables one to respond to the purpose placed in structure. And that, is exciting.
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