Linda Mortensen
FieldShake Design Co.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

About Me

I'm a very curious person, I particularly enjoy knowing how something works, so much so, that I try to expose functionality in my work.
The first half of my life I spent as a crew member on a cargo aircraft in the air force. During this time I was literally exposed to seeing the technical working of a large aircraft. It was a form a meditation for me to understand why a reservoir, connected to a pump, then a valve, then a cylinder created motion.
Now in the second half of life I'm creating pieces that express my curiosity and understanding of combining transparency and solids, motion and monolith, I'm an Experimental Industrial Designer Maker, if you will.


Making "Found Objects" look as though
they were "Never Lost".
I look at an object and wonder what its story is, where it came from, and what it might transform into. Often, the objects are re-claimed wood or rusty metal and story is made by combining the two.


I'm particular about space, large doesn't equal good, comfort equals good, but comfort is quite subjective. Transition points are key to comfort without realizing it. Rooms have purpose, being guided by flow enables one to respond to the purpose placed in structure. And that, is exciting.
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